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    Consumable water naturally contains some solutes and depending on the climatic soil conditions of the region, the amount of calcium salts existing in the water varies from one place to another, significantly in underground resources. When temperature rises or evaporation happens there will be sedimentary layers of these salts on pipe walls. These layers interfere with the fluid flow, which causes both debit and pressure of the water to drop.

    Compared to metals, sedimentary lime-scale layers act like thermal insulators so their formation causes an intense drop in heat transfer. This drop finally results in equipment inefficiency in the form of increase of fuel consumption.

    So-called traditional methods of dealing with sediment involve environmental contaminants. They also salinize soil and underground water resources (as cation exchange resins do) and impose long-term critical problems to the environment.

    Relying on synergy of related sciences, Ray Moj Energy & Electronics Knowledge Based Company has discovered a modern answer to this old dilemma.

  • Ray Moj energy company

    Raymoj Energy & Electronics Knowledge-based company is a pioneer in descaling industry in Iran and is also among the greatest descaling equipment manufacturers in the Middle East.

    In this Company we manage to synergize three knowledge of electronics, fluid mechanics and chemistry to solve industrial dilemmas. We also manage to design and manufacture descaling equipment suitable for different working conditions, relying on our technical knowledge and our valuable experiences over the years. It is worth mentioning, our fields of expertise are particularly industrial water and issues related to its use.

    Considering the increasing expansion of water crisis and the loss of water resources quality, especially underground resources, the phenomenon of scaling appears to be the most common side effect of using water as the heat transfer fluid. In Raymoj we have technologically reached to an answer, which we offer because it is eco-friendly, sustainable and economical.